2021 Every Victory Counts Challenge

Team Kehn



Welcome to Team Kehn!


Join our team and whether you are running, walking, or moving, you can set your own inidvidual challenge for the month of July OR you can add to our running miles goal.   However you commit to move for the month of July, we'll be in it together making a difference to help people with Parkinson's live well today.

Team Roster:

Lauren/Peachy: Complete a tri July 31
Ryan: Complete a tri July 31
Stephanie: Running/walking 25 miles per week
Helen: Running 10 miles/week
Dean: Cardio 3x/week
Miller: Walking 30 minutes/day
DameRenee: Cycling 500 miles
Cheryle: Virtual hike up mt everest
Joe: Running 30 miles
MomC: Cycling 150 miles
Jon: Cycling 500 miles
WendyE: Running my age, 58 miles
Adelma: Running 10 miles/week
Jim: Paddle or ride 24 days
JackAttack: Hiking 30 miles
SheaLilSees: Hike 50 miles in AK!

Want to share our team page? dpf.convio.net/goto/teamkehn21


Thank you so much, we couldn't do it without you!



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